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Encoding is an integral component of a PR video campaign. Encoding creates a unique video footprint that is both trackable and measurable therefore verifying and qualifying the success of your project. One of DMS’s key services is the encoding processes which is available as part of a complete distribution package or as an a la carte option.

DMS is completely immersed in your encoding project. Whether you encode at your facility or ours, from an outside edit house or uplink facility, or on the fly via Vyvx or truck our staff is there to test, train and work with your point person to ensure the process is smooth and painless.


Designed, tested and implemented by Nielsen Media from 1988 through 1991, in conjunction and compliance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), this technology lays a code in the form of a data stream on lines 20 and 22 of the vertical blanking interval (VBI). The code, specific to each individual encoding ice, consists of; the machine identification number and the date and time pre-programmed into the machine. SIGMA technology is currently available in both analog and digital formats and during normal viewing conditions, is undetected by the human eye. This technology is trackable in all 211-television markets.


Designed by Creative Media Reporting, this technology takes the original video and manipulates the light pulses to create a pattern unique to each project. It is completely invisible to the human eye. This technology is trackable in the top 75 television markets.

Direct Media Services, Inc. is an authorized licensee of the Sigma & Veil technology.

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