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A video news release (VNR) is a press release in video format. It is a produced cut news story - Here are a few examples: Launch of a new product and what it will mean to consumers; A FDA approval or indication and its significance to viewers; Business announcement/partnership/alliance/IPO and its impact to the financial community as well as to the consumer; Public service campaign - Goals and the message behind it; Breakthrough technology and the implications of the advancement.


A VNR gives the television station/outlet the opportunity to obtain footage and storylines without the expense and inconvenience of sending out their own producers/cress to cover that particular story. Many news producers use the VNRs to supplement their own local story. We always recommend including additional b-roll and soundbites for editing purposes. We are always available for client consultations, DMS pitching strategies and "brain-storming" - free of charge. We provide all of our clients with a personal and honest service.


DMS is not a production company - Our focus is placement, distribution and monitoring. We can distribute VNRs either via scheduling satellite feeds/uplink for stations to downlink or cassette/hard copy distribution. We pitch the story to targeted producers/reporters at TV stations and national outlets. WE also provide producers with local angles, additional information, etc. In addition to our downlink callbacks and hard copy follow-ups, we do extensive follow-ups to ensure the stations/outlets will air the VNR in a timely manner. A "DMS 25 Hot List" is provided for "day-of" event related stories.

Tracking is done via Sigma and/or Veil encoding. Detailed follow-up reports include airdates/airtimes and audience figures.

To request more information, please visit About DMS