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In-studio local interviews are usually scheduled for city media tours. The talent is available in each targeted city at a specified day and time. Sometimes the talent has a local tie-in to the particular market or is a nationally recognized spokesperson/expert. Here is a sample: Public service campaign - Talent is a well-known local M.D. who can talk about the campaign on a local and national level; Nationwide launch of new automobile - High level executive, either local or regional; Business merger; Headquarter locales of the two companies - High level executive who can talk about how the merger will affect viewers in the local area.


In-studio local interviews give stations more flexibility for localizing their story. Some national outlets prefer to schedule in-studio interviews, but will schedule a satellite interview if it is an "A-List" celebrity (Madonna), athlete (Tiger Woods), CEO (Steve Jobs) or politician (Al Gore).


DMS pitches to targeted producers in the specified markets. We provide the talent with a schedule complete with contact information, directions, and program/host information.

Detailed follow-up reports include airdates/airtimes and audience figures.



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