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A Public Service Announcement is a short (10, 20, 30 or 60 second) video message sponsored by a non-profit organization designed to heighten and expand public awareness. Message, presentation and distribution are the three key components to a successful public service campaign.


A Public Service Announcement is a non-commercial message with important information that informs and teaches the public. The topic can be as broad as mental health and prostate awareness or regionally specific similar to a lyme disease awareness campaign. A PSA can be more narrowly targeted like a statewide drug awareness project or ethnically sensitive similar to raising diabetes awareness in African Americans.


Direct Media Services and its staff have worked on the distribution and reporting aspect of PSA campaigns for more than 15 years. We will work with you in defining your audience and designing a distribution package to suit your programs needs.

The Services

  • Encoding
  • Duplication
  • Distribution
  • Placement
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

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