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A satellite media tour (SMT) is a series of preset interviews with a spokesperson, expert, CEO/CFO, M.D., and/or celebrity. The talent is usually available for one set date for one, two, three, four or five straight hours. We book 5, 7.5 or 10-minute windows with targeted television stations, syndicated programs, networks, cable outlets and newsfeeds.


A SMT enables TV exposure without the expense and inconvenience of an in-studio/-n- person city media tour. SMTs allow the talent the opportunity to interview with as many as 6 to 50 markets in one to five hours. Clients may also incorporate a generic interview/b-roll feed at the end of the SMT window. We alert all stations about this satellite feed via broadcast fax the day prior to the SMT. Tracking is done via Sigma encoding the feed.


The talent is located in a studio or on-site at an event. the stations downlink their scheduled interview via satellite - hooked through to their control room. We provide the stations with the correct satellite coordinates, trouble numbers and background information. Some stations will tape their interview - some will go "live." We do extensive follow-ups with all stations that taped their interview to ensure they will air the interview in a timely manner.

A detailed follow-up report includes airdates/airtimes and audience figures.



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